My YouTube Channel is Coming Soon

Keeping this short, simple & sweet! After months… And I mean MONTHSSSS of request I just wanted to make an official announcement that I will be starting an official YouTube channel geared mostly towards beauty. 

I kid you not, my video editing may suck at the start but that’s expected as it has never been something I studied, but I assure you, bare with me. However, if you’re reading and could at all teach me some things or willing to be that person who wants to get involved, don’t hesitate to ask, offer, reach out to get a hold of me via email or comment below. I’d certainly love that honestly. And I’m willing to pay you back with hugs, thank yous, random gifts, shoutout, features and more. Lol. I take referrals too.

Anyway, stay tuned. I’m very anxious about this because I’ve been procrastinating so long mostly because I’m a perfectionist but I’ve decided perfectionism can be a chain holding me back, so I’m deciding to take a leap of faith and just start somewhere, even if video sucks. My goal in the end is for fame or popularity, my goal is to genuinely help y’all. My goal is to continue in my love for the arts and makeup as an enthusiast and artist. It’d be awesome if in due time I’m receive well and can build a strong community of followers to support, but either way views will never make or break me! Trust I’ll never be measuring my worth or hardwork based of views.

While I hope you check me out, see you soon…😘  Stay blessed & beautiful.
Xo, Christine

Ps. I will post an update of link here when I do officially release. 😁 (if not by February 29th, early March)


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