Winning with Kindness

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, Lola Shoetique is the baddest place to shop the latest and greatest shoes! Lola Shoetique is a family based company which started off in 2004 out of California as a boutique for shoe lovers. In the span of 10+ years, their reputation and services have expanded nationwide and internationally. With the era of social media coming into play their online presence is heavy. They have managed to grow a fan base of over 1 million followers thanks to wonderful customer service all these years and extraordinary reviews from loyal customers!

I first heard of Lola Shoetique dating back to when Tumblr was all the hype and I had a very active account. Fast forwarding to now, I’ve followed them on Instagram since God knows when and essentially have been able to witness their growth – Amazing to say the least. In previous years, I’ve always been very conscious of my spending habits especially due to financial and personal stressors taking place, but finally after all the times I’d drooled over their collection, this year, 2016, in January 2016 to be exact, was the first time I set out to place an order. My first delivery, I was very thrilled and impressed (perhaps because prior to my online order, I was never quite the online shopper). I’d only recently ordered a pair of shoes from another online accessible brand, Steve Madden and that experience was a nightmare, but we’ll save that story for another time (perhaps). Anyway, the shipping was not too bad, and packaging was to die for. I was completely sold from then on that Lola Shoetique really is where i’s at. All in all I was happy that what I’d witness following them over the years was true – impeccable!

I kid you not, my phone’s web browser always had a Lola Shoetique tab open because I’m constantly stuck adoring and admiring what they have to offer. In addition, I consistently have a list of tabs of shoes I want and am in love with from them open on my computer. Now, before I continue, Lola is not just an online store, they have several large boutiques located in California. As of today, have yet to expand out of state, but if I hear anything I’ll let you know. Their website is based off their inventories within their retail locations. I urge you to take a peek at their site. And believe me, their shoes run out quick, so if you see something you love in your size that’s available, add to your cart, and check out as soon as possible without hesitation. Also don’t worry about how many shoes and how much shipping may add up to. Lola has a flat rate shipping fee of $8 flat. Yes, you read correctly… e-i-g-h-t  d-o-l-l-a-r-s!

Anyway in the last week, via instagram only, @LolaShoetiqueDolls hosted a major giveaway in collaboration with the following brands/companies: @morphebrushes, @nailhur, @liplandcosmetics, @saboskirt, @bellamihair, @impressionsvanity! So yes, if you were randomly selected to be one of two winners, you would gain collection of “it” items from every brand. All you had to do was 1) repost a particular photo, 2) tag all 7 accounts in your reposted photo, 3) hashtag only #glamsquadgiveaway, and lastly 4)wish for the best. This contest was open to any and everyone who wanted to participate including internationally, in addition, you could have unlimited entries. All in all, as much as I wanted to win, I didn’t go hard in the pain like many. I believe within the week span, there were over 60,000 entries. I saw people who were 100% dedicated. Some created new accounts simply to participate endlessly without annoying their followers and influencing them to unfollow, while a handful simply didn’t care. Some entered hundreds of times, while others like myself, kept modest and entered less than 10x (I personally entered 9 times in total).


Two beautiful women were selected and announce yesterday, February 19th as promised. I waited all day, hopeful that God would bless me and that this time I’d win something randomly for the first time in my life even though I didn’t enter much. Trust me, I was rather bummed and I was so bummed, I teared up like “ugh, why God? *insert sad face with tear drop here*” but nevertheless I was happy for both winners and went forth into comments to leave a congrats post and to my disbelief, the amount of negativity and hate was disgraceful. I mean I understand disappointment but come on, really ladies, is that how we act and show good sportsmanship with one another? And what had me more sad was people were bashing the giveaway and companies just because they didn’t win. Lets take a moment and break this down…. an instagram account with a following of 1.4 MILLION people, not 100 or 5 thousand… no! I said, 1.4 MILLION people… and God knows how many entered but there were over 60 THOUSAND SUBMISSIONS last I checked at approx 1am on Sunday, Feb. 21st, and keep in mind people have deleted their submissions to get their personal pages back to normal now. How and why is it acceptable to get so negative and critical just because you weren’t 1 of 2 people out of 1.4 Million who won? *insert confused face here*

Now with me when it comes to social media, if you have nothing positive or insightful to say, don’t say it at all, just keep it moving cause it’s never that serious. So of course, I went on with my little comment congratulating one of the winner ( i forgot to tag the other), and I left it at that. I kid you not, moments later, as I sat typing up a future blog post for yall, my phone screen lit up with an instagram notification from Lola themselves ! I couldn’t preview it off my lock screen, so I bypassed my security to get into my phone and THIS is what I saw:IMG_0002      IMG_0003

What?!!! 5 pairs of heels… for FREE! Yes, free was what jumped at me… in addition to the blatant fact that simply through being genuine and kind, I was made a winner in the end! It was the least of my expectations, I mean I was simply being myself. When I tell you my tear ducts tightened and soon after I was crying even more in astonishment, I was. My mouth was the first to drop however, and it stayed that way until I sent my DM to their inbox. All I could think was, “look at You God. I see You. Thank you so much. Like wow, I can’t believe that just happened.” Ladies and gentlemen, now here is when you should grab your pen and paper and take note on what I’m about to say next, and meditate and reflect on…

  1. What you put out into the world, you will get back. (some call it Karma [what goes around, comes back around), for me, in essences, it’s parallel to the Golden Rule we all were taught and raised on as early as grade school – at least I was).
  2.  As long as you stay faithful to God and true to your being, God will always be behind you and support you. Not all things may go your way but always just follow your heart, be honest and keep trusting.
  3. Even when it feels nobody is watching, there’s always somebody. And if not somebody, God. Regardless focus on doing good by him and good by you. Trust me, He’s always watching and taking note. He will reward you accordingly.
  4. Be patient always. Sometimes all you need is a second to close your eyes, take a deep breath and move on.
  5. When you are in accordance with His will, all things will (not might, will) work in your favor. God will present Himself various ways. Be prepared to see and hear his unique message to you when He shows Himself.
  6. Again, stay true, stay humble and always give glory and thanks where it’s due.

All the 6 thoughts above related and skimmed through my head as I basked in a moment of joy and content for a solid hour and then. When I tell you God works and speaks… wow!

I’ll conclude here… Thank you Lola Shoetique. Thank you God, all glory to Him. I cannot wait for what’s to come in the future and I cannot wait for my delivery of shoes! (^_^) Lord knows.

Congrats to winners again! If you’re reading, you deserved it and I’m genuinely happy for you! Having worked with the designers behind Sabo Skirt last fashion week (sept 2016) from fittings to runway backstage etc, I can surely say you are going to love your pieces. Their aesthetic is to die form and fabrics are amazing.  Their line is and nothing less. Enjoy all your blessings. Xo. — And to my readers, thank you for your constant love and support. Don’t forget to follow me on all social media outlets and share with your friends. Stay tuned for what’s to come, and as always if you have any insight, comments or questions, never hesitate to drop a comment below or reach out via email. Muahs.


With kindness,


Ps. Here are more screenshots. Not in order.

Here is snippet of comments that got me noticed


My reply to winning (typo correction: *face not fave)


People are always watching!


Lola Shoetique and some of their fans are just awesome really <3


Last screenshot: commentators, and lastly my last comments! Always remember “thank you” !


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