Who’s Worth Your Kindness

I’m a few days delayed with this post, after a month of being on Hiatus, but I’m back. I’ve been sick last few days but that’s besides the point. However, first, thanks for tuning in, hope you enjoy my topic & if so end up following on my social media outlets.

Monday, I captioned this post I posted on Instagram with

Somebody needs this message: Took the last 15 minutes reflecting on this quote & my Monday Message of Inspiration is exactly this! It’s crucial to analyze every individual around you, be it friends or family, because more times than none, you’ll realize you are giving / adding more to their lifestyles than you are getting back… And maybe just maybe it’s a reason why you may feel under appreciated, drained, or alone even and that’s because these individuals who are not contributing in some way to you living a more abundant life, are simply “sponges” aka parasites; just taking up space, energy, time (& more) in your life. Don’t be a fool. Check everybody you’re surrounded by. Trust however, some people are really good at hiding their identities so tread cautiously in all that you do, and if need be, you can pray to God to reveal them to you. (Lookout for NEW blog post on topic late this evening) ‚ú®Christine💋

My inspiration for this message stems from real life experience. I find that 90% of time, my girl friends are mostly the ones going through the struggles of feeling drained or hindered in their lives, and I’ve come to realization that it’s because of the energies and motives of those around them. While we all love company and recognition amongst collective groups/communities we are a part of, it’s crucial to put others through test before giving them titles in our lives, and/or even allowing the blindly to reach certain levels in life with us.

For instance, as a driver, moreso when before I totaled my car, I would always be everywhere for me and for others. I’d stretch myself thin even to make sure I was being a friend, and half the time I was always giving someone a lift with no expectation or something back til I realized how many other drivers like myself put a price tag on their time/energy/gas. Prior, for me I simply thought giving my car tank and I value would be greedy but truth was it wasn’t. I thought if someone was king enough to offer, awesome, but I would never take. Fact is we are humans, and no matter how big someone’s heart may be we all deserve to receive in return for what we give. And since I’ve lost my car, it has been a blessing to this epiphany. How many people just disappeared after knowing “Christine isn’t the connect anymore.” Lord knows I didn’t count but I took mental note and I was cool with it. My realization was “damn I had one too many people just taking advantage of me & could care less.”

What I’m trying to conclude is the concept relative to life in general. Be weary of those in your vehicle who are just taking up space and cruising with you, but refuse to contribute to keeping you and your car moving forward. Some call them parasites, users, &/or deadweight; me on the other hand, I call them sponges because all these people do is soak up info, time, energy, money, food, ideas etc… And never have anything to give in return. Not certain if all sponges know their sponges or that all have a motive, but fact is they are who they are and you don’t need that kind of energy around you.

In conclusion, take time to purge and de-clutter your life, and figure out who is worth all you have to give 😘
Xo, ChristineALaMode

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