Update: #MarchMoneyMatters

Here’s an update now that it’s officially April! Oh and quick shoutout to my brother who officially became an adult turning 21 yesterday (April Fools aka April 1st)! 

If you read my prior #MarchMoneyMatters post and were aware of my personal challenge, and perhaps you participated too, you know that my budget plan was $100. I surpassed that and while in essence, I “failed” (i hate that word by the way), I spent way less than I would normally have spent had I not consciously had a budget to challenge me and check me when money was involved. Off the top of my head, I believe my spending was well near $225-275 due to 1- my bro’s girlfriend’s birthday gift (approx. $40), 2- expenses during my weekend getaway trip to Boston over Easter weekend (approx. $120), 3- miscellaneous things like food outing with co-workers that was unplanned plus random food (approx. $50), 4- i must admit, i did fall into the temptation of buying makeup from Ulta (approx. $70), so I’m happy… other than that I can’t recall. While my plan was to keep track of my every expense, I didn’t because I simply didn’t have the time or energy to log such, so I just made sure to keep general mental notes. Regardless, I think that had I not done this challenge and pushed myself to say “no” to ordering anything etc, naturally I would’ve probably doubled, if not tripled my expenses.


The challenge helped me differentiate between those thing I needed versus wanted. I found myself saying no, a lot and I’m happy about that. In addition, I believe I got better at saving and planning ahead for the future which I’m excited about. Knowing that I’m being money conscious and practicing how to handle money and keep disciplined on a day to day basis is very exciting to me because Lord knows I’ve had my struggles of binge spending in the past. On the other hand, now that it’s April, and my brother’s birthday started the month off, of course we went out to dinner as a family, and I offered to pay the tab of $122–! Lol. While I semi think back like “damn, i could’ve saved that money, I know that it’s not often we step out and I can take care of people I love and show them I care, so why not?! Everybody had a fabulous time and appreciated the gesture, including myself. I can’t help but chuckle at how quickly I went from being super money conscious to “here’s my debit card, swipe away!” I mean that literally, even now I’m up at this hour and I just submitted an order to The Wrap Life, which I stalled for months to show love too mainly cause I rarely can rock head wraps considering I’m always working and stuck wearing my work hat! But I promise I’ll make an effort 🙂

Anyway, thanks for reading up. Don’t forget to stay connected with me via social media, and lastly drop a comment below and leave your mark!

xo, Christine 


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