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Hey lovelies!

I want to take time to come forth and apologize if within the last two weeks that I’ve launched this blog officially, that my posts have been staggering in every so slowly. I want to apologize because I know I can do better and ultimately I promise you I will.  While in last two days alone I have had two topics queued, I’ve come to find out that some times things just are not the perfect timing, so I had to come in an reschedule, and that’s okay. Nevertheless, understand this right now, I’m – a – perfectionist, and at times it can make or break me because I like seeing end results come out as close to my visions and goals as perfectly possible. So when I don’t see something I like, I’ll take more time on resolving which may come off as “slacking” when really I’m not. Truth is, I’m always working.

ChristineALaMode was not something conspired overnight as some may think. ChristineALaMode took many restless nights filled with anxiety before… 1- I settled with a name. In addition, it really took me over several months of constantly brainstorming my goals and objectives for my brand before I said that 2- this is what C.A.L.M. will be about, encompass, and how it will developed for growth. Lastly, I cannot forget to mention the number of people, friends, family members and mentors I have had to get input from. Ladies, if you are reading this, you know who you are and I thank you kindly for your endless support and insight, even the new loves on board, it means the world to me, because some like my friend Jessenia Vice know how much I’ve struggled and how long it took me to get where I am today.

As a “Jill of many skill” if you read my long “About” page where I jump in depth of my background from childhood through present day, discussing how my passions have always been a part of me, you’ll recognize why I refer to myself as “Jill” sometimes. With that said, I don’t believe that every individual on planet Earth is accountable for only ONE talent, given by God. Example: Hello, I’m right here! I will be YOUR guinea pig here and represent for all those who have been and will soon be in circumstances as my own, fussing “how do I… how can I mesh all my desires to one place? HOW?!” Guess what, there’s nothing new under the sun and there’s always a way, just have to channel in an find YOUR way and what works for you. For me over the years, it’s worked best for me just imersing myself in whatever I please at once and managing my time very well. Rerouting our focus here, I share this all to come back around and say, ChristineALaMode is ALL of me and encompasses all that I am, have been and will be.

When it comes to brands, a solid name is everything and as much as I wanted a name to be solid, easy to catch onto and relate to me, I’ve always adore a name with a backstory and meaning. Christine as many of you figured by now is obviously my name! (congrats) How did I go from StineTheQueen (pronounced: Steen like in Christine) to ChristineALaMode, well let me break it down in (3) bullet points:

  • Although I’ve only but stepped foot in Haiti, twice in my life, my Haitian culture and the history of my blood is something I take great pride in coming from two successful Haitian born, immigrants, I don’t recall a time I was ever ashamed of my bloodline because my folks taught me right and I always knew my place in this world. That said, Haiti was colonized by France at one point and therefore their official language has always been French, and that’s where ALaMode came into play with me adding french touch!
  • A La Mode if Googled online is BOTH an adverb and adjective at the same damn time! How boss and Christine is that right? Perfection! Not to mention holds the meaning “in fashion; up to  date” etc. Knowing I wanted to eventually start an official blog since years ago, this addition was perfection because in my goals to officially blog for an audience at large, the goal is to always stay current and in the now – in addition to in style, up to par/standard – and just be that avenue/outlet where a broad range of individuals can identify with me as I can with them because of what my life journeys and passions. A La Mode encompasses life, beauty (skincare, hair, nails, makeup), fashion, health, news, politics, photography, technology and much more!

As you can see the name ChristineALaMode hit it head on! Perfection once again! Represents me in full while holding a sentimental value to me. Lastly, lets talk about how awesome that in my year 2015 my top two resolutions were to find  peace and bring in more happiness and joy into my life. That said, a major component and popular quote which influxed in popularity had to do with “Keep Calm…”! I know you know what I’m talking about, and call me a geek for thinking all this up, but lookie here the abbreviation for ChrisitineALaMode equals C.A.L.M! And sure enough you definitely want to “keep CALM”… in your favorites, in your book marks, on your browser, and more! You see what I did there? Brilliant right in it’s simplicity, a way I marketed myself prior when I first indulged in photography and went by SimplistiQ Photography because the name 1- easily depicted my aesthetic and desire to be unique and 2- it emphasized the S & Q as in StineTheQueen. And if you want to get more nerdy, you could ad the “t” in SimplisTiQ in that too!

Finalizing, now you know the full story behind the big picture!

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Xo,  Christine


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