Small Minds Can’t Comprehend Big Spirits – Keep Doing You Boo!

Yesterday my thoughts gravitated to this image and I ran across a particular quote parallel which goes “Small minds can’t comprehend big spirits” and I was blown away you see, because so many times people are tempted to live trying to fit us into a mold of their liking, and if you’re like me… Head strong, big spirit, even bigger heart (that’s where all my passion stems from)… Ideally this is where you bump heads with a handful because you realize you weren’t created or given a purpose to be “cookie-cutter” let alone have to adjust yourself to meet someone else’s standard over your own.

It’s crucial to live free, accept who you are, love who you are and live life as boldly as possible. At end of day, Im learning that not caring to disappoint sometimes is okay & I actually like it sometimes, to say the least (as long as it’s with good reason). Fact is, I live for me, myself, family & God. Take it or leave it. I’m human. I much rather live in my own company than in someone else’s whose drive is to take away from my spirit, who I am, and all that I was created to be. 😘😘🙏🏾🙏🏾

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