My First Happy 4th at Point Pleasant Breach

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! I’m a day late but the excitement of barbecues and fireworks still is lingering in the atmosphere most places. 

I actually worked a few hours at work but was lucky to leave early! I’ve actually never in 24 years quite been to any beaches in New Jersey, so day of, I made it a mission to meet up with few very dear friends of mine for a fun day in the sun. However, by the time we arrived, while the sun was still up, it was freezing cold due to wind. I was actually expecting worse because of the countless stories I’ve heard about Jersey beaches, but it wasn’t too shabby. In my opinion however, there is no such thing as beaches up here; instead it was simply a coast with rough sand on shore and an ocean to meet it. From my experience beaches, what I saw was nothing in comparison, but needless an experience.

I enjoyed the boardwalk as there was a lot of things to see and do. I also more than enjoyed the extra large slices of pizza as well as the planes in the sky with messages to share. All in all it was a lot to see, and surely a lot of people waiting on shore for fireworks. As dusk drew near and wind blew harder, we actually decided to leave early and dodge the approaching rain that started falling  just moments after we reached the car. We were lucky ! In the end I had a blast. My friends and I retreated back to my aunts and uncles house afterwards where we finished night off in songs and laughter, a “God bless America” cake, and lastly playing pool. It’s not often I personally get days like I had yesterday and that’s why it was definitely one of my better days this far this year. I hope you guys enjoy the few photos I’ve to share with y’all & I really hope everyone had a blessed July 4th like I did, if not better! Until next time, make sure to follow me on Instagram & Facebook @ChristineALaMode and Snapchat @StineALaMode! Xo.


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