You Create Your Own L.U.C.

Few months back, I came across a brand identified as “LUC” off Instagram @livingurbanculture and immediately was drawn it. Clicking amongst various photos of models, both male and female, adorned in african prints, and culturally inspired pieces, I began to click through the photo tags to see who was the designer behind it all. It took me a while to hone in but I sure did, and was compelled to introduce myself as a photographer AND wardrobe stylist interested I working with with the brand. Eudora is who responded and amazingly enough we both found ourselves engaged in discussing possible projects. Surely enough in due time after a few re-bookings, I finally in my head told myself “look, I don’t know what’s the deal but girl, this girl… you need to meet her and do something” so that’s what I did. I committed, and as a freelancing creative, I planned a shoot. Booked a gorgeous model I befriended during NYFW of September 2016 who I also hunted down on social media after she came to a casting for Fashion Palette at Ripley Grier Studios in New York. Anyway, I booked a model, settled on a location in NYC, reached out to have an assistive 2nd shooter, and executed a full on-location beauty and fashion shoot. Of course makeup was all me. Needless to say, fast forwarding to finally meeting Eudora, her energy was enormous and I immediately felt a relaxed connection (I’m always tense before any shoot). I knew then and there, observing her throughout the entire 6 hours we were together (because we ended up hanging out afterwards) she was a force to be reckoned with.

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Behind the scenes photos – photo credit : Leesy (2nd shooter)



Behind the scenes pic captured by Eudora on my Samsung Galaxy (??)

Eudora I found out then, is a working nurse, passionate about people overall but more so passionate about giving back to the people in her home country, Nigeria. A beautiful, young, thriving spirit… Eudora started LUC and a modeling, entertainment management group all on her own just few years back. When I say, I saw fire from within her as we spoke and dove into different topics, I began to value and admire her for her drive. At the time, for me, being able to connect with somebody like that really uplifted me because I really had been feeling alone in an environment of people I was mixing with who just didn’t seem to have the fire or be on the same mental level as myself in terms of passion and drive. Nevertheless, ending that evening, Eudora and I discussed potential opportunities between us both and for a moment I really felt as though I was speaking to a prospective business partner, or another me. That alone meant so much.

Our initial face to face happened four months ago and since, we have both managed to keep in touch. She recently returned to the states, after a month or two stay visiting her family in Nigeria. In that time, while I thought Eudora was vacationing, it was amazing to see that even in another country, she was grinding. I mean booking shoots, recruiting and signing models, sewing up custom pieces and so much more. All in all she inspired me and I couldn’t wait till she came back.

I believe she’s been back a month now, and while we are scheduled to shoot again soon, I cannot wait to participate in an upcoming fashion show together that I recently put her on to. I tell you, networking and keeping certain creative people close is key to progression. Anyway for those already like “huh? what fashion show?… when, where, why, how?” I promise once all has been finalized, I will be blasting on all my social media accounts! But in meantime, clear your evening for Saturday, March 12th and start planning to join me in Brooklyn, NY with an amazing group of collective hustlers putting together a show to remember to fundraise money for Flint – the city with no clean water! And yes there will be music, food and drink. So trust me, you will want to be there to network and have a great time!

With all this said, the objective here was to introduce you to a brand and person who I truly think is the next big thing! The year barely started and this chick is already on a mission to reach her goal of creating over 200 dresses and putting out into the world. How does she do it? Only God knows but I admire her for it. Plus, knowing I just launched my blog (and she’s been such a wonderful supporter of mine since we exchanged numbers via Instagram) it’s only right as she reached out to me for my support in return, to pass on to you something dear to her mission as a brand and also to her heart as Nigerian native. . .

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Eudora has a GoFundMe account for an initiative she’s launched as “Fashion Meets Charity”. An initiative to give back to her Nigerian roots and local community all around. The mission of Fashion Meets Charity is to be able to provide funds to assist in educating others in skills helpful to becoming to becoming employed and/or self sufficient. Teaching and sharing knowledge on skills on how to sew, graphic design, marketing and more, are just a few examples. 100% of all donations, whether it be $1 or $100, will be directed to the cause. We don’t realized how good we have it here in the US, wherever we may be to even afford high school, while so many children and young adults simply can’t afford but to stay home and slave to provide for their families. So if you could take the time to give back and be the reason someone takes on a trade, why not? It really takes less than 5 minutes. Plus, anyone donating over $20 will be gifted to receiving a personal thank you from Eudora herself and/or a beneficiary of “Fashion Meets Charity” plus a keepsake authentic Nigerian bracelet. 

Wrapping up, in advance, Eudora sends her thank you(s) and so do I. A theme this year I will be pushing is certainly to work as a community and be loyal and committed to “supporting those who support you” because a trend I’m sick and tired of seeing is people being selfish, and people competing for a title or a come up, off expenses of others without willingness to help give back and support those very people investing in their dreams. And that’s just plain sad. We can’t keep doing this to ourselves, our “friends”, and the various communities we engage in. It’s just not fair. All in all, I see it this way… we need to lift one another up so that we can all eat from the fruit tree, together. There’s plenty to go around and essentially if we can put out good vibes (energy, time, money or whatever have you), we will always receive the energy back that we put out. Some call it Karma, but I call it life and looking out for one another, so lets commit y’all.

Please go ahead support and follow my girl Eudora. And don’t forget making a difference in this world starts with you! Btw, it’s never by luck we create, it’s through your God given blessings! And with our blessings, are we to bless others!

Xo, Christine Nazaire

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