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It started 3 weeks ago, as I scrolled through Instagram doing my usual rounds, I came across one of those contest where you must follow a chain of people and tag friends underneath to be entered into it. Nevertheless, I went through the circle of people, following them because the ladies were fabulous in my eyes and definitely the kind of people I want to learn from. Had they not been phenomenal women in my eyes, I would not have participated. Either way, one of the handful of pages I ran into was that of @pronouncednatay ! Immediately I was drawn into this organization she founded Leaders In Lipstick and this upcoming project, the Empower Our Women Tour. Quickly I commented my interest and within 24 hours, I heard back from her via Instagram and Email with all the details. There’s nothing I love more than working with professional, ambitious, timely, women and with her impressions, I was sold and committed. It’s obvious she did her research on me too, because she by default invited me to participate as Beauty Blogger doing Nails (I have photos still dating back to when I did nails in high school – I was so obsessed. I’ll post a few below)!

The event I assisted with was the #SurpriseTheStruggling | Pamper Party and it was a complete success. I hadn’t met Ms. Naté Jones, the founder of Leaders in Lipstick, prior except chatting via Instagram and email, but she was a site to see. All her energy and excitement for the event just oozed through her pores. I immediately saw in her smile that her heart was 100% in what she was doing at that very moment for the young ladies ages 18-21. Not to mention, as naturally beautiful as she was, her face was beat to the gawds! Totally goes to show, a little can go a long way. Needless to say, majority of these photos are not credited or belong to me, but to Leaders In Lipstick and/or other parties that participated (most depicted on the flyer).


Ms. Naté Jones (@pronouncednatay)

Just like there is never a such a thing as having too much makeup, there is never a such thing as having received to many donations, or ever such a thing as donating to much. With that, the weekend prior to the first tour stop in Newark, New Jersey, a final event was held that Saturday evening as follows!




Next stop was the event itself which was held on Monday, March 7th!


“The girls of the Covenant House New Jersey were in for a big surprise. They had been told they would be having a spa day, but they had no idea they were in for a Leaders in Lipstick type of spa day. Fifteen young women ages 18-21 indulged in facials, manicures, hair styling, makeup application, and workshops on embracing sexuality, body image appreciation, perseverance, and the power of growth with patience. DJ Kid Snap had the girls dancing to her girl power mix and #SurpriseTheStruggling surprised each girl with two purses filled with toiletries and feminine care.” –

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


Some of the ladies who contributed, donated, and volunteered their time and energy along with myself. Contacts at end of post.





Face beat!


The nail station. We had 3 “nail techs” that day!


Hundreds of designer bags filled with goodies… most ladies left with 2 or even 3 by end of our event! Surprise!


Recap collage!

I’m thankful for the opportunity to have met and worked with such incredible people. The most memorable moments for me will definitely be seeing every lady in that room glowing with a smile on their face, laughing, conversing and just truly at peace with no worries in the moments they were with us. I love for this and it meant everything to me to be a part of something so large at heart. Their excitement was so contagious, and it brought the best out of everybody. As me if I would do this again, and my answer would be “yes, every day if I could for the rest of my life” and I mean every single word; love makes the world go ’round, right?!


Don’t forget, please visit to learn more!





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