Kylie Lip Kit 22 Unboxing Swatch Review

Below you’ll find more photos, description and swatches!



Hey friends! So approximately two weeks ago, Kylie Jenner released her latest shade “22” along with restocking some colors from her lip kit lipstick line. Her lipstick line when initially released on her site for sale, literally sold in record time, in less than a matter if minutes – talk about branding and marketing. Now I semi get the whole Kardashian-Jenner hype of the last few years but Kylie has recently been buzzing across the internet and tabloids for months now, and while I’ve yet to be sold into loving her, I just had to get my hands on at least ONE of her lip kits.

When I heard she was restocking a few colors and releasing 22, although I knew I’d be at work, I was determined to the fullest. Anxiety kicked in the entire hour prior, so much so that when it came out to checking out, I did forget my bank card number which has always been memorized! Either way, the store froze and crashed a few times as I checked out but essentially I GOT IT, and I was the happiest individual at my job, I’m certain.








Low and behold, everything sold out within 10-15 minutes. It took several hours before I received a confirmation email, and maybe approximately 3 days before I was emailed about shipment. In essence, I received it about a week later, and no lie, I forgot I had even purchased it.

I’m ecstatic I got my hands on this kit. It’s literally to die for. I cover everything about it in my video along with many concerns. A lot of people compare it to ColourPop and I touch on that also. If you haven’t gotten our hands on at least one, after you watch, you’ll want to. Trust me, it’s an investment, but worth it.

If you have any questions or comments in regards to the Kylie Jenner lip kit please leave a comment below and I will gladly respond.


xo, Christine



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