I can’t deal

Want to know one thing that grinds my gears? Was that a yes or no, I couldn’t really tell! Ph, that was a yes, you replied, well then allow me to proceed with sharing.

Okay! My NUMBER 1 Pet Peeve is… being lied to. I cannot stand being lied to and people who lie iin general. I mean, I understand little white lies to an extent but lying for no valid reason just ticks me off. I’m taking 10 minutes to talk about lying because this is what I’m going through in retrospect to my blog update and official debut which should’ve been yesterday but it now up in the air thanks to HostGator.

I don’t understand how I’m a customer yet constantly getting screwed over. As of last night it’s safe to say that within the month of me procrastinating, but of the times I actually called them (3 times) I’ve spent 5 hours with them in total! I always expect Tech Support to be helpful but clearly that not true because their techs are all misinformed and essentially lying to customers. How is it I called the 1st time and was told one thing about ABC, then 3 weeks later call about the same thing in regards to ABC and am told something completely different. Then 1 week later, call about the same issue – ABC , and still the same nonsensical answer different from two tech reps prior??? Somebody please explain. I’ve been pissed off since last night because I just want what I’m paying for and for my ish to work.

3604c66Don’t call me impatient because I am, but when you are bringing me back and forth with different explanations, that’s when I get unhappy. In addition, because YOU (Host Gator) messed up, I’m told I’ll have to wait at least… did you catch that? AT LEAST 72 hours / 3 days for actual tech admins to fix ABC, when who messed up? Not me, but THEM. Ugh. “I can’t” ! I simply can’t deal with stuff like this but it is what it is. I’m tired of calling tech and trusting them for nothing. Best believe when everything is settled, the next time I have to call, my attitude will be on 100 because I don’t have time for lies, hours on the phone when I can be doing something else, being given the run around and so much more – I just cant!

So for those of you who are like “huh? what’s going on with Christine’s blog?” now you have the backstory. I had to share this way because I’m beyond frustrated. Trust and believe me, it’s not me. If I could have everything work according to plan, I would’ve had at least 10 post up this week! It’s crazy sad that web developer who lives all the way in Vietnam herself is 1- more responsive than Host Gator, I’m talking around the clock replies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 2- Seems way more tech savy then those damn higher educated “professionals” sitting on phone calls, with degrees -__- All in all it seriously makes no sense. I’m just over it.

This wasn’t at all a planned post or the post I had ready to publish last night, but I figured, why not keep adding content and keep you posted. I apologize for the wait ya’ll and I apologize for the unprofessionalism if there are any typos or incorrect usage of grammar because I rushed to type this up in 10 minutes (literally)! I love yous who are still keeping up and for that – in the meantime since I think you’re just brilliant, you may slide behind the scenes to view my blog which currently is located at : ! I know you’ll love the updates and all because it’s just beautiful

As always, stay blessed & beautiful!

xo, Christine


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  • Reply daniel paul

    just stopping by to say whats up and i love your website

    February 21, 2016 at 5:16 pm
    • Reply admin

      Thanks so much for you consistent support. You motivate me to keep pushing forward. xo

      February 21, 2016 at 8:45 pm

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