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Hey loves, I just wanted to give back and share some pointers that have helped me the most within the last year. Since I am constantly being approached and asked how it is that I accomplish things, I decided to create a list of mantras I live by that keep me motivated and inspired to do what I do and move towards success. With that said, I don’t want to keep you much longer, but I hope you can gain insight, and if need be take notes (perhaps even book mark this page to come back too), nevertheless, let’s cut straight to the chase!

  1. Find others with a similar mindset, goals and visions – then surround yourself with them.
  2. Create within yourself an urgency to always look for MORE, do MORE, and be MORE.
  3. Get involved with many different groups and communities. Don’t limit yourself with only engaging with those already in your circle.
  4. Embark upon new ideas and do new things that engage you on levels unfamiliar. Sometimes it takes as little as visiting somewhere unfamiliar, meeting up with an acquaintance to discuss goals and ideas over some tea/coffee. Concerts, poetry clubs, museums and such are things I always find myself going back to because they are constantly integrating new ideas.
  5. Make yourself available. By this I mean put yourself out there for others to discover you. I understand we all have our comfort zones but we can’t grow if we but boundaries on ourselves. I also understand some of us are extroverts while some of us are the opposite, and all I have to say is “baby steps.” I speak from personal experience as an extroverted introvert. Yes, there’s such a thing and I will blog about breaking out of comfort zones soon and very soon, so stay tuned.
  6. Not long ago, I stumbled upon a piece of literature that read something to the effects of when it comes to friends, always have some that are ahead of you, some at same level, and a few straggling behind. In other words, always having people doing better than you should inspire you, not make you envious or hateful. I say the latter because one too many times, let’s all be honest with ourselves, it happens – we hate on people’s success and it’s not cute. Cut it out and learn to genuinely be happy for others because essentially we all work hard for what we obtain that would define us as “successful” in the eyes of others. Anyway, for myself I love looking up to those ahead of me because it drives me towards my goal and pushing harder. In addition it’s great to have friends who are same place as me, behind, and ahead of me me because I can gage my progress.
  7. When you’re having some downtime, always try to remember that while you’re not working towards something, somewhere in the world, somebody is doing what you should be and making progress. So get your behind up and moving.
  8. Keep asking questions. I won’t elaborate in this because, well, it’s self explanatory. All in all questions are never something you should be hesitant to ask or receive. In the last year, I’ll surely say as much as I’ve asked, I’ve also received and I’m grateful. Because for me to continue to grow and move forward because I initiated a conversation, and then can grow from it and inspire / motivate someone to muster guys to ask me… Let’s say about my skincare regimens or recommendations, makeup insight, how I got into wardrobe styling and how to… It means a lot because it’s always a humbling experience to witness where I came and started off, and now for others to come to me. And it’s more so something I applaud people do because asking questions takes courage, and being the one to answer back takes humble beginnings in the sense that I know so many others who would feel threatened to share knowledge or be real answering others because they feel like the next runner up could steal their show. My face when I comes to people who think that way 😑.
  9. Know what’s for you in the universe, nobody can take from you. Why? Because it’s your blessing, destined to your life by God. So don’t ever be that guy or gal to not share your blessing because you think someone will pounce on it. But hey if you don’t keep working, stay motivated, inspired and seize opportunity, perhaps someone will, and all that means is because you slacked and got comfortable in your downtime , you’ll have to make it up working double time.
  10. Stay positive and optimistic. The energy you put out is the energy you’ll get back. This pointer holds true to the hundredth degree! It’s something I decided to work on changing my negative mindset and boy have I been blessed tenfold. It’s crazy to think how many possible opportunities I maybe missed and slipped out on because of the energy I maybe been putting out in past. Whew. Thank God there is a God who helped me realize my old ways weren’t poppin.

Hope that after reading this post, you were able to take at least ONE thing away from it. If you have any questions, comments welcome below. And I’d dearly appreciate your thoughts on anything you read. #letsstartadialogue is an initiative I’ll be taking to get this blog more active. As you can tell, I love chatting with y’all but I’d also love to keep up with convos, so don’t hesitate even if it’s just a “hey girl hey”.

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Xo, Christine Nazaire


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