How To Be A Boss

In a world where there are so many other individuals aspiring to have what you want (ultimately a BOSS I’d hope), it’s tough standing apart, so the question is: how do I make sure I stand above the rest? A question I’ve asked myself so many times, especially when it comes to crucial things like making my money; you feel me? Ladies and gents, I’m going to keep it real with you today. So really, grab your notebook, fix yourself, take a seat and get ready to make notes, cause this tea you’re about to get served is steaming. So for you reading this… you know that job interview you have coming up that you’re hopeful about but yet not all that confident about… THIS is how you nail it and all thing alike:

  1. Be Unique, It’s Ok – a lesson we were all taught early on in life. This is crucial. Find what makes you stand out and highlight what makes you, you. Define and contour those things and make sure it’s being highlighted wherever you go, and with whatever that’s associated with you. Meaning your resume, friends, lifestyle, hobbies, etc.
  2. Be Confidently [BeYOUtifully] YOU – yes, this mini list is already sounding tacky but fact is this world is tacky, but oh well, we all keep going. After you ultimately find out who you are and can say something along the lines of ” Hi, my name is Christine, I’m from New Jersey, I love all things beauty… [etc]… I am an domestic violence survivor and advocate. I stand for…[etc]… and this is what I live for,” with all your heart into it, you aren’t being yourself. Know who you are first and foremost. There’s nothing wrong with taking time find who you are, cause trust me it’s worth it in the end when you can be so confident and so in love with getting to know all that you are about and capable of. People aren’t dumb, and people feed off energy, so it all starts within you. It starts with loving yourself being as beautiful as you are now, and knowing where you’re headed. Once you get that, remember to hold on to it and stay true to you (honest with yourself and with others). Oh, and be humble while you’re at it, but not too humble, a hint of Kanye is never that bad.


    My crooked smile was something I use to detest about myself, now it’s everything. It’s my unique, and I love it. In my eyes, perfection!

  3. Never Try too Hard – there is such a things as trying too much; simply don’t. When you try to hard for something, it means you’re trying to hard to fill in shoes that simply weren’t meant for you to fill, or maybe you’re trying too hard to be part of a circle you simply don’t belong. Now don’t take it hard if something isn’t for you now, be mindful that certain things may be temporary, and that perhaps you need to be working more on is yourself. Don’t dwell too hard, just do you, with assurance and confidence.
  4. Be Patient – Self explanatory, no? Everything takes time. Time runs the world. Whoever told you money or girls run the world didn’t love you and surely, lied. LOL. just kidding, but seriously, time rules the world. As patient as you can be, don’t slack or procrastinate. Time is valuable and more precious than money. Money can’t buy time, so be wise. Easy. And if your time is not now, it’s okay to try again later.


    There’s a moment for everything, so when it’s not your time, remember its okay to 1- sit pretty, 2- keep those lips hush, 3- close your eyes, focus, and meditate on what is yet to come. The greatest things often come into fruition after you have mastered working in silence.

  5. Stay Positive, Headstrong, and Never Give Up – if you really want something, you don’t just give up on it, unless it really wasn’t for you. In that case, take L and use that energy of losing and put it towards that thing that’s really for you. Always look ahead, always look up, never behind. Reverting back to a mug that’s always sitting on my desk “make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous,” that in itself stressed on always working to do better. Always leap forward in faith, not backwards, and no matter what, try to never lose your cool. If you do, never dwell. Major key alert. Just keep moving. Again be confident, pick yourself up and move forward because time waits for nobody, and whatever you’re sulking in negatively, there’s somebody doing the opposite, one step ahead of you in achieving what you could be getting.


    I live off laughter. If you can make me laugh and keep me happy, you’ve got my heart. – sold to the highest bidder! When life gives your lemons, don’t make lemonade, nah… collect. Wait for the right moment when you can take a seat and get the last laugh (throw them back later or throw a party with those lemons, toasting to your success- drink up).

  6. Dress the Part – always keep it professional in line with what you are doing. Your visuals from head to toe matter, more so, the moment you step foot outside your home, the world is watching. First impressions are key and the first thing people see is your face. So aside from designer shoes, watches, clothes and more, always always always make sure your face is beyond up to part. Check.
  7. Focus on You – not on the sidelines. Dont get caught up on what the next individual may have on their resume that you don’t. Focus on your shine, and making sure that you leave a lasting impression. So many individuals fault themselves and dim their light looking left and right instead of staying focused on looking ahead. Fact is, if you already have your eyes, heart and mind moving in right direction, you have 1- no time to get tripped up, and caught up, 2- no time for competition cause there clearly is none in your book, 3- you’re already a boss. So let that petty mindset go. Forget what the next chick/dude knows, is wearing, eating, traveling. The moment lose your focus, you lose… seriously, get a grip on you and get your life.


    Sitting posed and ready! Who wants a piece of this BOSS? – it’s a lifestyle.

That’s all for now ladies and gents. Hope as you progressed in this post, you caught how everything happened to mesh. Believe me, if you meditate on this list and reflect/work on you, you’ll begin to change for better and see a positive difference take place in your life.

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