Happy New Year

Hi friends, I know I’m late with New Year well wishes but I figure better late than never, right?! Besides it’s still January, 16 days shy til February!

Lets cut to the chase, around this time the standard mindset is New Year, New You! And with that said, everybody and there mother always comes up with a list of things they’d like to cut out and/or focus on manifesting in the New Year (so cliche but it is what it is)! I’m not going to lie, I’ve learned and grown a ton in 2015, so much so I don’t really have too many resolutions, just a handful of goals.

I’ve been long over due to start and launch this very blog and while on the bring, of course everything that could’ve went wrong, went wrong (example: losing all my content on WordPress)! Shout-out out to me for not being as tech savy as I thought I was. So here I am temporarily pushing content out while I figure out behind the scenes kinks.

My blog, Christine A La Mode, IS MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. Blogging and writing has lived in my heart and mind for the last two years and while so many mentors sat with me picking my brain in 2015 especially, the common message I received was (in my best summary) “Christine sometimes things don’t make sense and timing doesn’t seem convenient but if_____ is something you really feel you have a calling/passion/love, you have to just go out and just do it, and in due time things will take off, just be patient and keep working at it.”  

With those words to meditate on, I present you, C.A.L.M! My biggest wish is that I’m not alone in this journey, that as I move forward one stride of a step in front of the other, you may as well be here accompanying me along the way.

On the other hand my goals for 2016 are :

  • Build and grow my blog and other social media platforms (IG: @Christine.Nazaire | SC: ChrisDeeQueen | Pinterest: StineALaMode | Periscope: ChristineALaMode | Facebook: search my name or blog name). Twitter? Still debating. UPDATE 2/19 – IG: ChristineALaMode | SC: StineALaMode | Twitter: StineALaMode
  • Network, Network, Network.
  • Expand in my makeup profile & launch website portfolio including makeup, photography & wardrobe.
  • Start modelling. Tired of strangers approaching me and confronting me about it daily. UPDATE 2/19 I’ve begun placing myself in front of cameras to model. I’ve “modelled” twice thus far (Once for both Jal. & JG)! *practice, practice, practice*
  • Launch a YouTube page (highly requested).
  • In relation to my blog, from now (1/15 – happy birthday blog! – I turned 24 on the 8th) through February, post AT LEAST twice a week. Goal 12 post by March 1st. Thereafter 3 post per week throughout rest of week.
  • Work on setting time aside daily, dating God. You know, praying (hotline bling), reading bible/meditation/devotion (dinner dates) and more.
  • Growing relationship with my nuclear family members.
  • Inspire more people than I currently do whether it be personal life, hair, beauty, education. etc
  • Travel way more. I’m excited I already have a few things already in the works. Atlanta see you in February (finally)!

Voila! There we have it! Coincidently 10 solid goals! Make sure to follow me on social media and bookmark my blog for future post… I’m telling you, you don’t want to miss out on what’s to come:

  • Face / Makeup Of the Day, Tutorials, Beauty / Skin regimens.
  • Outfit(s) Of the Day, Wardrobe insight, Tips.
  • Shopping & sale insights.
  • GIVEAWAYS for both my ladies and gentlemen!
  • Brand / product reviews & tons more!

Xoxo, Christine


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