Happy International Women’s Day 2016

About a week ago it was International Women’s Day, and people are always quick to forget the value behind days like this, where you can really go out and show love to all women in any way you’d like. A day where the world can act as a community celebrating one concept together. I mean, think about it, within 365 days every holiday we come across only happens 1x, so it’s something to learn to take time to indulge in and appreciate. So personally, while I don’t recall previous years having ever realize there was such a day as this, let alone a month dedicated to Women’s History (I’m in my early twenties mind you), I sure would hate to miss such opportunities to connect with other women. It’s quite unacceptable in my eyes to allow certain days to come and go, forgetting their importance and relativity in out everyday lives. With that said I want to carry on and say thank you (again) to ladies in my life (friends & mentors) who have been there for me and will continue to be there for me.  I mean, why not say thank you, why not remind other women how amazing they are, why not share some #womenappreciation.

Continue to see more about my  8 lovely ladies…

Go ahead and check them out on Instagram and Google in fact! Ps. I did recycle the same photos I collaged and posted on My Instagram @ChristineALaMode to say my thank yous to these beautiful women/friends! I also attached their handles if you’d love to do your research & support!



@beewademua | ATL Pro Makeup Artist @allthingsbee | Blogger


@jensams1188 / NJ Makeup Enthusiast & Artist


@patrice.madere / Cali Fashion, Makeup & Lifestyle Blogger


@thainamadere | Cali Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Model


@brickman_built | FL Fitness Trainer & Health Coach | 3x NPC Champ & Competitor | Model


@Jesseniavice | NYC Latina Public Figure, Entrepreneur, Model, Singer, Fashionista, Fitness lover, YouTuber


@karendupiche | NYC Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist | The View | FOX


@thevicstyles | LA Pro Wardrobe Stylist & Certified Boss Babe


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