Gala of Excellence Recap


Myself & social media manager for @thac1804, the ones who put entire event together! Go support.

All hail selfie queen!

Evening started off well. Mood was set in Monclair at a divine botanical gardens. Of course first thing I had to do was take an epic selfie in front of the event red carpet backdrop.

Official event photographer @DPKarizma , a dear friend and fellow photographer . It’s always a pleasure bumping into him .

Photographer for evening was Daniel Studios Photography’s very own Daniel Paul, member of renown Haitian Kompa band, Karizma, who also happens to be a dear friend.

Below are a series of photos displayed in order as the evening commenced.

Beautiful woman; epic group shot. I love catching moments like these.

While out in the garden exploring nature and the building’s architectural and landscape beauty, these ladies posed for my own camera

The ambiance of every space was filled with wonderful live jazz-classic music.

Various artists were contacted to showcase their masterpieces and talent, and were even welcome to sell art. Here we are looking at just a fraction of pieces by @EuroArtVision , a friend of mine also.

Elegant displays of food prepared by a remarkable chef throughout event. I mean, who doesnt love to eat ?! Everything was absolutely impeccable in presentation, taste, flavor. This tomato mozzarella was my favorite!

Yes, there was also live a live DJ!

Positive vibes, big smiles, including free hugs.

Honorees of the evening

NJ Senator in the house. Can you guess who?!

This is what I call COMMUNITY & SUPPORT. It takes a village! Event was beyond packed. Thank goodness for standing room!

Event was also sponsored by Jack Daniels (thank you). Every giftbag was filled tight with goodies 😉

More gift bags for guests ! (thanks Korbel)

Enjoyed seeing various artist be able to network (photography, food, music, business, government, and more) and even sell genuine pieces from their gallery of work.

Another epic selfie of me!

This is what happens when you allow others to hold your camera & they realize you never got a proper photo.

Time for photos with amazing new friends !

The Queen & I – I fell in love with her style, her spirit, her art, and just everything! She is a queen to be reckoned with! (will update w/ her social media later)

@DJ_OK is a Haitian DJ located in NJ!

My self & infamous Haitian singer, Erna, also old friend of my mother!

@EuroArtVision & I, @ChristineALaMode


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