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Hi there! It’s been approximately a month since I officially began a blog and now you’re sitting here staring at your screen, like WHOA! Major upgrade! Well… that’s if you visited my page up until yesterday. Anyway, yes, as you’ve observed my layout has changed and it’s still all in the works because my vision has not totally manifested (womp!) and I’m determined as a perfectionist. Ultimately, I have faith though that soon and very soon all will be well.

In the last month and then some, from the time I purchased my domain till now, I’ve experienced so many obstacles and technical difficulties. As someone born and raised in the era of technology, I thought I was all peaches and roses when it came to the algorithms of it all, but nope! Building a blog from scratch is HARD. I started off with WordPress (WP), couldn’t figure out anything, so I opted for SquareSpace (SS) because it seemed “easier” and boy was I wrong again. I adored it for its simplicity but it was too basic for me, yet so complex without having any dimension! Anyway, while I had several post ready from WP, I accidentally deleted my entire WP account while figuring out how to move my DNS (I can’t recall what the heck it stands for or means) to SS! So long story short I’ve been in a bind just twiddling my fingers and rolling my eyes for the last 3 weeks. All in all I have spent 3 hours on phone with tech support for my back-page host, with an additional 2 hours chatting online with SquareSpace tech support since there is no way to reach them by phone. Trust I was not happy but fast forwarding to now… MAJOR UPGRADE! Took me some time. Took a lot of patience, watching YouTube videos, asking questions and no lie some procrastination because there were time I didn’t feel like dealing with the extra!

I’ve said all this for you out there who have ever thought of starting a website of any sort – it takes time and knowledge – so if you’re interested, please plan better than I did.

Moving forward, I’m so excited because now that I’m at a place where I’m feeling way better with my design and plans, I’m excited for you readers who will be tuning in even more today! If you’re not already following me on Snapchat (StineALaMode) as well as my other social outlets, please do so now (click the icons to be directed accordingly). My outlets are where I’ll be keeping you updated on NEW post. Oh and don’t forget to share!

See y’all later. And guess what? New post later at 10pm EST. ( Two post in 1 day — EEEkkk! )


xo, Christine



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  • Reply Eudora

    Go girl!

    February 21, 2016 at 7:24 pm
    • Reply admin

      Thanks doll! Thanks for your support, insight and encouragement! Must do another shoot/collab together!

      February 21, 2016 at 8:46 pm

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