Avant Garde NYC x Yarisbeth

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Glam 1.0 makeup course at the Avant-Garde Institute featuring my favorite, Yarisbeth (@yariszbeth on Instagram). I arrived delayed thanks to traffic on my way to train station heading from Dover, NJ, but I wasn’t late where I missed anything. When first walking in, you could tell everyone who had purchased a ticket was very enthused for program to start as they grubbed on food, courtesy of Avant-Garde I believe. First thing I noticed was the tray full of cute, colorful, jell-o shots, listing their flavors, moving forth there was a table full of food and drink consisting of various types of seasoned chicken, rice, macaroni, water bottles, juice and more! I quickly made my way through before sitting down and inhaling my plate with gratitude because truth is, while I wasn’t hungry, I low-key was. ha!

Programming commenced at 5pm, while the featured artist started her official presentation at approximately 6pm. It was exciting when the beautiful, radiant, classy, Taranasha Wallace of LHHNY (Love & Hip Hip New York) joined us all. I was in awe when I realized the last vacant seat was next to me, and that’s exactly where she sat beside me in front row. Sometimes it’s hard to humanize people we’ve seen on TV, especially highly dramatic reality TV shows, but since 1st season, Tara has always been my lady through the screen because she simply projected a genuine, loving spirit to me. Needless to say, I was so humbled when she started leaning in to chat about what we were both watching and taking notes on. Sadly my new Sony a5100 was glitching and it took me a while to figure it out, so I didn’t get to capture all that I planned and would’ve loved but thank God for snapchat, because if you follow my story at StineALaMode, you would’ve been able to witness it all, including Tara’s recent release of her book The Goddess Potential, co-authored with Allyson Leak. She had only 5 copies with her to sell, and of course after perusing through it’s content, I really felt the book was something I needed, I gladly purchased in support of her for $12.

Of course everyone at event looked absolutely flawless. Yarisbeth was glowing with the stars. Her model, Shamar, was absolutely stunning before and after. The atmosphere was comfortable and I really loved how relaxed everybody was. It felt like a roomful of friends huddled together to learn. After the show was over, everyone was up and ready for their pictures. Me, of course, I’m a networker, so that was the last thing on my mind, but essentially I squeezed in a few photos as seen below. It was ultimately wonderful to chat it up with people like minded and as ambitious about life and making that coin like myself, even if it was not only through makeup, I think that most of all was my favorite part aside from the hour of laugh I had outside with a few people on life, dating, food, and travel. Long story short, essentially the event ended a bit after 9pm and everybody who attended was gifted with the best goodie bag ever, thanks to Yarisbeth’s sponsors like Lotus Lashes Official, Gerard Cosmetics, IT Cosmetics, Melanie Mills Hollywood and a few more. All in all the night was superb. I had a phenomenal time and I can only hope of financials and time permit, that in future I may attend more Avant-Garde hosted courses of sorts, in addition to re-connect with Yaris, Tara, Shamar and more! And if you’re reading this and we met there, while I had nothing to do with planning of festivities that evening, it was so great, I want to thank everybody who contributed myself, because everyone present played a role in that evening’s success.

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Headwrap: Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics | Tshirt: Makeup For Melanin Girls

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