Afternoon Stroll in New Brunswick with the Great AntDray

Recently stepped out my comfort zone and met up with a photographer I’ve admired for the longest. There’s a lot more to this story of admiration of Mr. Anthony Drayton (@Antdray) and his craft, his passion, his talents, but I will keep it for myself. But as for the external story, it took me years to approach Anthony, on social media to say the least, just to say something like “hey, I’ve loved your work for the longest, I’d be amazing to meet and work with you.” The response obviously was optimistic and within 2 weeks time we had set a date, time and location to shoot. Take note I’ve known of Anthony for as long as I can recall but was too shy to approach (Your thoughts: Christine, shy?! Stop lying! – Me: Ha! You thought you knew me, but yes, I can be very shy)!

More about the photographer : Anthony Drayton (@Antdray)


You nay have seen him before with photos of him circulating the internet in random memes or simply candids friends of his may have taken and posted up, but other than that, he’s petty lowkey in my eyes and something that always caught my eye. I’ve always his loved his aesthetic overall especially through his work. At first glance, his point of view has always been something unique in how he seems to both translate and capture his personal aesthetic in every photo he takes. I’m not entirely sure how he does it but it’s brilliant. He shoots people, places, things, moments, and events. He’s versatile in his work and passionate about every photo he clicks for. Observing him as he snapped away was reminiscent, and I better got a grasp at what intrigued me most about his photos: how he always seemed to catch the perfect moment. Yes, I sound cliche, but I’ll try again to explain that what I’m trying to hard to say is when I look at his photos, while many photographers shoot flat, magically his photos are perfectly timeless. Timeless in the sense of nostalgia, timeless in the sense that his photos seem like they could just pick up from where they were paused and just continue with life. Almost like watching a movie, or having a flashback and I love it. Either way, his images are always clean, sharp and full of life because Anthony himself has a good eye. I’m uncertain how long he has been shooting, but meeting him, I could tell he has a truly deep admiration for photography.


Make sure to check out his website: !

Instagram & Snapchat: AntDray


Day in Review

Anyway, we met a Friday afternoon in New Brunswick (Rutgers University area), and while the sun was shining ever so bright, it was borderline icebox cold. It was so cold, with just a good amount of wind, that I couldn’t feel my face 90% of time or when my nose was running- eekk! Regardless, I had a great time walking around, discovering new places I’d never experience myself. I must admit, I was super nervous and of course I became the chatterbox I can be when I don’t know what to do with myself, but it was fun. All in all, we got some great photos which are also up on my Instagram (@ChristineALaMode). I really look forward to getting working again with Anthony, if it’s God’s will, but in the meantime, below are a handful of photos from our session.

antdray-christinealamode-anthony-drayton-christine-nazaire-photography-sunlight-sunbeam-leaves-mode-pose-winter-fall-spring-photoshoot-outdoorsAntdray-rutgers-new-brunswick-outdoor-photoshoot-christinealamode-bcbg-boots-stone-wall-vine-poseAntdray-christinealamode-rutgers-new-brunswick-big-stone-wall-vines-outdoor-photoshoot-bcbg-boots-black0scarf-hat-cowboy-pose-fall-winter-fashion-1 antdray-christinealamode-anthony-drayton-christine-nazaire-photography-sunlight-sunbeam-leaves-mode-pose-winter-fall-spring-photoshoot-outdoors-new-brunswick-rutgersAntdray-christinealamode-new-brunswick-big-stone-wall-vines-outdoor-photoshoot-bcbg-boots-black0scarf-hat-cowboy-pose-fall-winter-fashionAntdray-christinealamode-rutgers-new-brunswick-big-stone-wall-vines-outdoor-photoshoot-bcbg-boots-black0scarf-hat-cowboy-pose-fall-winter-fashion-brown-sweater-3

Hat & Scarf: Walmart

Sweater: Reggie’s Closet

Boots: BCBG (purchased in Fall/Winter 2012-2013)

Confession, I had no idea what to wear to shoot, so I pulled on some dark washed denim jeans, slid on my favorite suede beige BCBG boots that I purchase in fall/winter 2012, then after several attempt of trying to find a sweater that would simply work, I hopped into my brother’s closet and voila – the perfect match! While my current favorite signature hat wasn’t in my plan to photograph in, it clearly stayed on to keep my head warm! Cheers to my funky-fun-laid-back last minute styling.



Special thanks to Anthony’s car for keeping us warm in between shots and thanks to Anthony himself for not bailing on the shoot and being a great spot about the weather!


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