5 Amazing Tips for Wearing Short Shorts this Summer

Summer is finally here, and while it’s not yet over, let’s be honest, we all love this season because it is an opportunity for us to try out new things, go on amazing adventures and hang around in the pool on most days. And while I’ve never been a fan of wearing shorts myself, most of us  love summer because it is the perfect season to wear shorts, and be less covered overall in this unbearable heat!

Needless, diving into shorts this season, I must say there is just something about rocking a pair of denim shorts in particular that is very thrilling and appealing. First off, jeans are always a trend, but denim shorts are definitely trending currently in various styles. Secondly, shorts are always the first thing I put on now, other than a dress, because they ensure my lower body stays cool, plus I can show off my radiant melanin legs (LOL). In this heat, no one wants to be caught wearing fitted jeans that don’t give their legs the space they need to breathe or move.

Well, if you love shorts like most young women do; that’s great! I myself, while shopping at my local Target the other day, found myself rummaging for a couple pairs that turned out to be perfection. So I thought, why not share a few things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for and ricking shorts this summer. Here goes.. 5 amazing tips for wearing shorts this summer (enjoy!):

1. Find the Perfect Fit First

Shorts come in all fits, so decide before hand which one you like best. Currently, high-waisted shorts are trending but you can also go for low-rise ones, cuffed and a few others. There is no need for you to feel bound by one particular style; you can go for whichever you like best. Once you find a fit that suits you and makes you feel comfortable, go ahead and buy it. If you come across a pair that you really like and are available in more than one color, don’t hesitate from buying one pair in every single color/shade/wash/design!

2. Shave and Exfoliate your Legs

Since you will be wearing shorts, your legs will be the highlight of your outfit. And nothing is worse than stubbly legs, therefore you need to ensure that they are presentable. Before jumping into a pair of shorts or even a dress, make sure that your legs are properly shaved. My preference is waxing for several reasons, but mainly because hair is removed from the root and it takes a longer time for hair to grow back. Trust me, waxing is key, but to each his own. Also, never forget to exfoliate your legs at least three times a week during summers so that your skin looks radiant and feels soft.

3. Moisturize! 

Get your hands on a light-weight scented moisturizer and apply it onto your legs after your shorts. For me, my routine is to apply lotion after I shower while my skin is till fresh, then after I get dressed, I either follow up with some Shea Butter or Nivea to keep my legs moisturized all day. Now if I want to make sure my legs are glowing and bronzed as a brown girl, Melanie Mills Hollywood or Urban Decay Body Beauty Balm are both my holy grails!

4. Balance Your Outfit Properly

Since you will be revealing most of your legs while wearing shorts, it’s important to balance out your outfit. Reach for a top that provides you a suitable amount of coverage if you’re aiming for a modest approach, and if not, something that will compliment your shorts and your body because otherwise your overall outfit will look unfitting.

5. Adjust your Attitude

Everyone is already rocking their latest pair of shorts this summer, so there is no need for you to feel uncomfortable. Attitude is always key. Be confident and be you! Don’t be afraid of what other people might think or say. Confidence exudes all insecurity. Embrace your body, embrace your outfit, embrace who you are, and be great! Major Trick: Get in the zone as you dress and listen to music. Music can always help hype you up before you step out. It has not yet failed me!

There you have it, 5 super awesome tips for wearing shorts this summer 2016. Have an amazing season, stay safe and don’t forget to slay!

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