5 Key Strategies for Successful First Date Outfit

  1. The moment you know where you’re going, spend a little time researching the venue for an idea of what you can wear. The goal is to not come to casual or over the top. Your outfit should fit in with the ambiance and atmosphere of where you’re meeting your date for the first time. If you’re going out to dinner, or perhaps a show, or even rock climbing… if you’re unfamiliar with proper etiquette, it won’t hurt to do some research.
  2. Shoes are typically the last thing I think about, and that’s not best approach. You want to make sure you’re comfortable for however long your date lasts. Will you be doing a lot of walking? sitting? Are you doing something adventurous? These are all things to consider. The goal is comfort and not to find yourself feeling uncomfortable (Story time: recently went on a date, and decided last minute I’ll wear the most comfortable black pumps I own, boy was I wrong! I kid you not, after walking a few avenues in the city, I was regretting my decision of switching out my perfect ballet flats. Luckily, him & I found a way to laugh it off, cause turns out, he chose the wrong pair of shoes too! Moral: Do not ket this be you; you may not be as lucky as I was). Ps. Refrain from sneakers unless you’re going go-carting or something.
  3. Wear a color that’s most flattering to you. You know that color you wear that you get complimented on the most… THAT one exactly. I believe 99.9% of the time, our favorite colors are our favorite because we not only look great in that color, but it makes us feel confident also.
  4. When it comes to a successful first date outfit, modesty is a major key. However, that doesn’t mean show up dressed like a nun (NO!). Pick one asset to highlight. Highlight does not mean go all out with having your boobs hang out all because your derriere is covered (NO!); highlight means be a bit tasteful and creative. Revealing too much, leaves no room for mystery, so cut back on showing too much skin.
  5. What about hair & makeup? Don’t do too much. As a makeup artist, sometimes I can get carried away. Keep  your look simple and manageable. Your makeup should compliment your skin and your best features, especially your eyes. Now would be a great time to do a little research as to what shades complement your eye color best if you don’t already know. If lips are your thing, refrain from going to heavy on the lipstick. My preference always are matte lips, and if I want to an overlying color or gloss, it’s a simple touch up with a mattified base underneath. If you’re normally not one for full on color, a lovely sheer/satin color is perfect. Your hair, should be a reflection of you, but always with a feminine touch, and for sure away from your face. Plan ahead of time, and maybe follow through with a few hair and skin care regimens to make sure you’re at your best when your big day comes.

Bonus: Please ladies, do not forget to take care of your nails, toes included. Nothing crazy.

Alright ladies, that’s it! Let me know if I missed anything crucial? Share some of your crucial strategies you follow for a first date below! Any question, feel free to ask also. XO.



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