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Yesterday after clocking out of my hourly job, I went over to my local MAC counter to look around and indulge myself in makeup, mentally educating myself on their brand, products and more as a whole. Typically if I’m at MAC it’s either I’m their to 1) shop and/or 2) play with makeup, see what’s new & educate myself (once in a while chit chat with the ladies – they’re always so knowledgable and friendly) ! Anyway yesterday I went just for fun and I don’t know how I did not recognize this before, but as I picked up a tube of their recently new liquid matte lipsticks ($20) and glance to compare price to their normal lippies, my brain thought twice, “wait, weren’t these $16 a pop before? Did MAC seriously add an additional dollar?!” Yes, ladies and gentlemen MAC’s lipsticks are now $17 while their liquid matte lipsticks are $20. I was slightly shocked because with the beauty market expanding at the rate it’s been (new companies releasing less costly product, sometimes just as magnificent as MAC if not better, sometimes even exact dupes) I never would’ve expected the influx. With that being said, I never purchased the infamous Heroine lipstick because I felt I’d be betraying my favorite purple lip Dose of Colors Purple Rain but I had it in mind to eventually buy so yesterday was the day… but wait! After comparing applications, finishes, undertones, and longevity of that and it’s dupe  I found myself more please with simply purchasing Recollection and that’s exactly what I did. I walked away from my local counter satisfied with my purchase and new lip color to add to my kit. I smiled flawlessly as I flaunted my black MAC shopping bag as I habitually do. At the end of the day, if you’re into makeup, who doesn’t love buying a new tube of lipstick?! uh, nobody! Lipstick is awesome. I’m confident I have over 60 lip colors by now (not all MAC) and I can’t wait to buy more!

MAC’s Heroine Matte Lipstick ($17)

Dose of Colors’ Purple Rain Matte Liquid Lipstick ($18)

MAC’s Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour ($20)



*For my beauty / makeup enthusiast continue reading below for my review of Heroine vs Recollection*

  1. Heroine and Recollection are very very very similar. At first glance, you’ll ask “so why didn’t they just call this color Heroine too and keep it all uniform like they did with their lip pencils and lip glass?” Well well, the answer to that is simply this…
  2. Heroine has a slight more red undertone versus Recollection which is a tad more blue.
  3. In my opinion, Heroine will definitely bleed, if no liner is used, and that is never cute.
  4. While both colors are matte colors, the longevity of Recollection lasts way longer than Heroine which texture is more creamier. Recollection once dry does not budge and hugs your lips for dear life!
  5.  Both lip colors apply with ease and set flawlessly.
  6. Pigmentation is phenomenal for both, however, depending on pressure of application and whether or not you pre-moisturize your lips before applying heroine, you may have to build the color by layering (multiple swipes).
  7. Considering all I’ve said above, with $3 price difference, I found it totally worth it to simply invest in Recollection now and forever hold my peace. As I mentioned in #1, at first glance, they look the same. It’s not until you put them side by side and really inspect and test both products that you may recognize the 1% difference.

If you’ve bothered reading this far, thank you! I certainly hope this post was insightful. Until next time, stay blessed!

Xo, Christine


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